The Med Spa provides expert consultations and prescribed treatments for your skin health in the comfort of a medical spa. We take the guesswork out of skin care by utilizing medical grade diagnostics and Medical Skin Imaging (MSI) to methodically analyze your skin. Backed by scientific research, each treatment plan is customized for our clients by our nationally renowned plastic surgeons and aestheticians at Northwestern Specialists in Plastic Surgery.

Skincare Prescribed.

Regardless of your budget, time commitment, or preferred treatment type, our experts will design a skin care regimen with only your goals in mind.

4 Steps. Better Skin.

1) Consultation

Discuss the goals for your skin with an expert. Set your budget and time commitment. Set the parameters for services you are willing to try (creams, peels, lasers, injectables or surgery).

2) Analysis

Your expert will evaluate your skin. We'll determine your skin types and critically analyze your skin with the patented Medical Skin Imaging (MSI) System.

3) Prescription

Based upon your goals and skin assessment, your expert will develop a custom medical grade skin care plan to correct your skin issues and prevent them from recurring.

4) Manage

You'll be connected with a skin care manager, who will help you manage your regimen. They send you reminders, schedule you're services and ensure your plan works.

Medical grade.

We're medical grade. We analyze your skin using the most advanced medical technologies. Only treatments proven to work are prescribed based upon your personal results.

Introducing Medical Skin Imaging (MSI), built specifically for analyzing every component of your skin including brown spots, pores, wrinkle, UV damage, spider veins, and your skin age.

Example: Lisa's Skin Care Plan

Before & After


Client Goals:
Antiaging, Brown spots

Time Commitment:
Less than 5 mins daily



Baumann Skin Type®:
DSPT (Dry, Sensitive, Pigmented, Tight)

Medical Skin Imaging (MSI): 
Skin age 32 years old
Diffuse lentigo (sun spots)
Mild telangiectasias (spider veins)
Significant UV damage


Correction Rx:
Retinol A 0.05% Cream
Hydroquinone 4% Cream with SPF35
IPL Laser

Prevention Rx:
Jan Marini Cleanser (Non-acetone)

I’ve never understood my skin so well. The doctors and aestheticians at the Med Spa are experts and the MSI is truly state of the art skin care. After two cycles of cream and peel with my aesthetician, I could see that my skin age dropped by 4 years. My skin has never look more beautiful.
— Lisa White


We are board certified plastic surgeons, clinicians, and aestheticians and we believe every person deserves to feel confident.

We are board certified plastic surgeons, clinicians, and aestheticians and we believe every person deserves to feel confident.

Sharing the Confidence

What does world-class, innovative and breakthrough care meant to our patients? It’s bettering the lives of those we touch and making them feel more confident in their everyday life. Through listening to their stories, understanding their needs, and developing a plan to make our patients feel more confident and to share that confidence with others. That is how The Med Spa at NSPS is working to help.



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